An Assessment of the Benefits from Trees and Shrubs in the City of Truro

Trees and shrubs are known to have many benefits in urban settings, including beautifying the environment, providing habitat for birds, insects and other wildlife, reducing ‘heat islands’ through providing shade and reflecting solar radiation, removing air pollution, reducing storm water runoff, and sequestering and storing carbon from the atmosphere.

Through its Parks Department and Countryside Rangers, Truro City Council is directly responsible for managing large numbers of trees and shrubs.

The following report has been prepared by Countryside Ranger Toby Cogan, and Cllrs Southcombe and Unwin. It assesses the current tree and shrub cover in City of Truro, how much of that cover is in areas managed by the city council, and some of the benefits that come from it.

To view and download a copy of the full report, click here.

See below for a graphic of the key findings.


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