Truro to benefit from new Changing Places facility

Truro City Council is pleased to announce that a new Changing Places facility will be installed at the public toilets on Green Street.  

The current provisions are due for refurbishment, and as part of this, the new facility will be installed.  

A Changing Places toilet is a larger and more accessible space to meet a large number of additional needs of disabled people and their carers. The toilets are also fitted with specialised equipment for support. More information about the facilities can be found at  

Earlier this month, Cornwall Council announced that nearly £236,000 had been awarded by the Government to help fund the installation of six Changing Places facilities across the county.  

The Green Street project is already in its development stage and has now benefitted from the government grant. It is expected that the facility will be open in Spring 2023.

The Mayor of Truro, Cllr Steven Webb, commented:

The Changing Places toilets give you peace of mind whether you are visiting or are local to Truro. It means if you are severely disabled you don’t have to go home if you need to be attended to by your carers for something routine or when things inevitably go wrong.

As a severely disabled Mayor of Truro, it’s nice to know we have received funding to have such a facility in the centre of our city.

Before the pandemic, Truro City Council staff met with users of Changing Places toilets to discuss their thoughts on the installation, including what provisions they would like to see.

During the development, there will be public consultations to give people the opportunity to discuss the exterior design.  

We will release more details of these in due course.

Elsewhere, Truro City Council has been working on the installation of another Changing Places toilet at Boscawen Park. This was part of a separate project included in the redevelopment of the tennis pavilion.  

Work began at the beginning of the year and should be complete by Autumn 2022.  

For further information and updates, please see our Facebook page and visit our website: @trurocitycouncil;  


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