Results of Truro City Council’s Annual Garden and Allotments Competition Announced

Judging for Truro City Council’s Annual Gardens and Allotments Competition took place on Friday 1st July and we are delighted to be able to announce the competition winners.

All allotment sites in the city were entered, including Barrack Lane, Nancemere, Redannick, and Treverbyn. 

This year, the garden competition consisted of 15 categories. 

Richard Budge, Parks, Amenities and Facilities Officer, judged the competition and was impressed by the standard and quality of the gardens and allotments. 

He commented: “I was very impressed with the entries to this year’s competition and would like to thank all those who took part.

“Congratulations to all winners and I look forward to seeing you again next summer.”

The results are as follows:

Class 1: Best Kept Small Garden 

 1st Peggy and Godfrey Mortimore  

2nd Tregolls Manor – Michael Sanders 

3rd       Aspire Gymnastic Academy  

Class 2: Best Kept Medium – Large Garden 

1st Rev M E Pinnock and Mrs K E Pinnock 

2nd Lisa Smith Walker 

3rd Maureen Woodhouse 

Class 3: Best Kept Patio Garden 

1st Peggy and Godfrey Mortimore 

2nd Tregolls Manor – Michael Sanders

3rd Maureen Woodhouse 

Class 4: Best Hanging Basket or Window Box Display 

1st Tregolls Manor – Michael Sanders

2nd Bambu Café – Adrian and Sarah Puckey 

3rd          Peggy and Godfrey Mortimore  

Class 5: Best Business Frontage  

1st Tregolls Manor – Michael Sanders

2nd Bambu Café – Adrian and Sarah Puckey 

Class 6: Best Kept Communal Garden 

1st Tregolls Manor – Michael Sanders

2nd Lowen Court – Estelle Dutton 

Class 7: Best Kept Vegetable Garden 

1st Archie Perryman 

2nd Maureen Woodhouse 

Class 8: Best Kept Garden attended by the Disabled 

No entries received  

Class 9: Best Kept Area Maintained by Children  

1st Archie Perryman 

2nd Happy Days Nursery, Penair 

Class 10: Best Kept School Garden 

1st St Mary’s CofE Primary School 

Class 11: Best Wildlife-Friendly Garden   

1st Peggy and Godfrey Mortimore 

2nd Lisa Smith Walker 

3rd Aspire Gymnastic Academy 

HC Maureen Woodhouse 

Class 12: Best Pollinator–Friendly Garden 

1st Lisa Smith Walker 

2nd Maureen Woodhouse 

Class 13: Best Green Initiative 

1st Peggy and Godfrey Mortimore 

Class 14: Best Water Garden 

1st Maureen Woodhouse  

2nd Peggy and Godfrey Mortimore 

Class 15: Best Urban Garden 

1st Rev M E Pinnock and Mrs K E Pinnock 

Best Kept Allotments  

Barrack Lane Allotments: 

1st Barrack Lane Allotment Group 

2nd Suay Buckley 

3rd Sylvia Poole 

HC Mrs A Brown 

Nancemere Allotments:

1st Ted Floyd 

2nd David Humphries and Alice Grose   

3rd Mr D Reynolds and Ms D Chynoweth 

HC Mr R and Mrs A Hall 

Redannick Allotments:

1st Mr J A and Mrs J M Cook 

2nd Mandy and Nick Rich 

3rd Maria Olech 

HC Mary Hesling

Treverbyn Allotments:

1st Sally Irwin and D Peterken 

2nd Louise Tucker 

3rd Mr M L Roberts 

HC Tom Roach

Best Overall Allotment Winners: 

1st     Ted Floyd

2nd    Mr J A and Mrs J M Cook

3rd    Sally Irwin and D Peterken

Best Overall Allotment Site: 

Redannick Allotments 

Best Newcomer:

Rev M E Pinnock and Mrs K E Pinnock  

Outstanding Achievement:  

Tregolls Manor – Michael Sanders

Overall Winner of the Competition:

Peggy and Godfrey Mortimore  


Notes to editors:

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