City Council supports plans for new Lighterage Quay bridge

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Truro City Council is supporting a plan to provide a bridge between Lighterage Quay and Boscawen Park and is asking Truro Town Deal Board and Cornwall Council to treat it as a key priority project when making decisions on allocating funding.

Members at this week’s meeting of the full Council backed a motion put forward by Councillor Loic Rich to back the bridge project which, he said, was strongly supported by the local community.

Explaining that the proposal for a bridge between Lighterage Quay and Boscawen Park had been under discussion for a number of years, Cllr Rich said that it would encourage residents and families to walk and cycle more and connect businesses and Newham and leisure opportunities in Boscawen Park.

Members were told that the project was being funded through the Truro Town Deal programme with support from Cornwall Council and would be operated by the Harbour Authority.  The City Council was not directly involved in the project and, therefore, would have no responsibilities for constructing, operating or maintaining the bridge.

Following a short discussion, the motion, which states “ Truro City Council recognises that the community of Truro is, according to recent consultation, strongly supportive of the proposal to provide a bridge Lighterage Quay and Boscawen Park. With benefits to both the future viability of Newham Business Park and to the residential communities of Highertown ( including Malabar, this is a project which, when completed, will  provide long lasting economic, health and amenity benefits to the whole town.  For these reasons the Council wishes to inform the Town Deal Board and Cornwall Council , both the project lead and the accountable body, that the Lighterage Bridge, should be regarded as a key priority project which, if necessary, should take precedence in the event that reductions to the Programme have to be made due to changing financial circumstances”, was approved by the meeting. 

Other matters discussed by the Full Council included:

Truro Town Deal Lemon Quay Scheme –one of the aims of the Lemon Quay scheme, part of the wider Truro Harbours Town Deal project, is to encourage the use of this space by staging more events to increase footfall which will help traders and generate more income to the local economy. To support this the Town Council has been offered a £50,000 grant to meet the costs of employing a new Events Co-ordinator to support the work of the City Council’s existing events team and Visit Truro for the next two years and create a new central booking system.  The grant will cover the total costs of both employing the co-ordinator and the development of the booking system, with the aim of the co-ordinator post becoming self-funding after the two-year period.  Councillors were told that the project would involve the development of a new events strategy which would look at ways of ensuring that visitors were also encouraged to go to other areas of the city. 

The meeting also discussed the impact of the new weight restriction for vehicles accessing Lemon Quay recently introduced by Cornwall Council’s highways team following an inspection of the culverts which run under the Quay. As a result a weight restriction of 7.5 tonnes per vehicle has been introduced on the top part of Lemon Quay ( from the Drummer up to the top of the Quay which has a single span culvert running underneath it ) with a restriction of 18 tonnes per vehicle for the bottom half of the Quay which has a double span culvert underneath it). Members were told that the weight restriction will not affect the majority of activities using Lemon Quay, including the Farmers and Christmas Markets, as it relates to a single vehicle and does not apply to the roads on either side or the road which runs across the Quay

Co-option of new City Councillor  – members agreed to co-opt Zach Griffiths to the City Council.


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