Mayor of Truro is re-elected to serve for a second year

14 May 2024

Councillor Carol Swain has been re-elected to serve as Mayor for Truro for a second year at the annual mayor making ceremony held at Truro Methodist Church on Monday, 13 May,

 Originally from Lancashire, Cllr Swain trained as an accountant after obtaining an honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Oxford. After working for local councils in London and Essex, she joined the NHS, working for health authorities in Bolton and Manchester before becoming Finance Director of a Mental Health NHS Trust in the northwest of England.

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 When health issues led to her retiring early from the NHS, she made the decision to move to Cornwall just over 20 years ago, buying a new home in Truro. After returning to college and obtaining an HND in photography and digital imaging, she began volunteering at Mid-Cornwall Credit Union (Cornish Community Banking), later becoming Chairman of the Board of the Credit Union and of its Loans Committee.

 In 2018, Cllr Swain was co-opted onto the City Council as one of the councillors for Tregolls ward where she continues to live. She was elected as the City’s deputy mayor in 2022, becoming the Mayor in 2023.

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 Proposing the election of Cllr Swain as Mayor for 2024 – 2025, Cllr Lorrie Eathorne Gibbons said “Carol has held the post of the Rt Worshipful the Mayor of Truro for the past 12 months. It has been a hugely challenging year which would have been testing for any Mayor.  Throughout Carol has continued to carry out all her duties, and many additional ones, while representing the city with dignity and commitment. “

 Her nomination was seconded by Cllr Loic Rich, with councillors voting unanimously in support of her election. 

Cllrs Rob Nolan and Stuart Roden also moved a motion formally thanking Cllr Swain for the way in which she had carried out her duties as the Mayor during 2023 -2024.

 Citing the phrase “Cometh the hour, Cometh the woman”, they said “Carol has presided over a difficult time for the City Council. She has risen to the occasion when the need was greatest and helped us to come out in a very strong position”.

 After signing the formal Declaration of Office, Cllr Swain said “ Truro is a very special place, full of amazing people, and I am incredibly happy to have been able to make it my home. I am very honoured to have been chosen to serve as the Mayor.  Every time that I put on the chain of office, with its simple subscription “City of Truro”, I am reminded that I am just its temporary custodian and that ‘it’s not about me’.

 Thanking everyone who had supported her during her first year of office, including her Mayoress Sarah Douglas-Martin, Deputy Mayor Sam Rabey and his consort Graham Ford, City Councillors, past and present City Council staff, her family and friends, those who work in partner and voluntary organisations and the people of Truro, who are “kind, caring and ever enthusiastic about improving the city’ , she pledged to do everything in her power to support and represent the people of Truro, including those who live and work in the city, as well as those who are just visiting.

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Her chosen Mayoress for the coming Mayor remains Ms Sarah Douglas-Martin.

Proposed by Cllr Bert Biscoe, and seconded by Cllr Mrs Armorel Carlyon, Cllr Sam Rabey was unanimously elected as deputy mayor for a second year. His chosen consort remains Graham Ford.

Proposing Cllr Rabey for election, Cllr Biscoe said that he was a principled, generous, energetic and intelligent man who received great satisfaction from serving his community.

“Sam is a breath of fresh air and has a deep, deep commitment to Truro and I am very happy to propose his election as Deputy Mayor for a second year”.

This year’s event, one of the most important events in the City Council’s calendar, was attended by large numbers of past and present City Councillors, Cornwall Councillors, Mayors and civic dignitaries from other towns in Cornwall, and representatives of partner organisations.

Also taking part were Town Clerk David Rodda. Deputy Town Clerk Esther Greig, Town Crier Lionel Knight, and the city’s Macebearers, together with the Mayor’s Chaplain Reverend Simon Clarke of Truro Methodist Church, and Cadet Aidan Nelson.

The Mayor’s chosen charities for the coming year are Truro Food Bank and St Petroc’s.


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