Truro City Council provides grants to support work of local community and voluntary organisations

27 March 2024

A scheme which helps vulnerable people in the Truro area feel safer in their own homes, support with start-up costs for a new community group aiming to preserve the park and wildlife at Newbridge, and equipment for bat detecting workshops being held at Daubuz Moor are just some of the community and voluntary projects which have been awarded funding from Truro City Council in the latest round of grant applications.

As part of its budget for 2023 / 2024 the City Council has allocated £21,701 to support the work of community and voluntary groups in the city.

Members at the meeting of the Grants Sub Committee awarded grants ranging from £200 to £750 to five community groups and organisations.

These included:

  • £500 to the Friends of Daubuz Moor to help towards the purchase of bat detectors for use in bat detecting workshops aimed at encouraging people of all ages and background to learn about nature at this amazing site in the middle of the city, and a new gazebo for use at future wildlife events and at community days
  • £750 for Feel Safe Scheme. Set up in 2021 to support to vulnerable people in the Truro area so that they feel safer in their own homes, the scheme provides practical help with works such as fitting security lights, changing locks, mending gates or fences ,and fitting window locks and door chains . The organisers of the scheme work closely with a number of agencies, including the local police, social services, and the CHAOS Group, with the free service delivered via referrals.
  • £450 to the Truro Civic Society to help meet the costs of hiring Truro Methodist Church as the venue for Truro Civic Awards.
  • £200 to the newly formed Friends of Newbridge Park community group to help with their start up costs. Set up to help preserve and protect the park and its wildlife, the group plan to organise a range of fund raising events to help maintain and improve the park for future generations.

Members also approved a grant of up to £250 to the organisers of Truro Volunteers Day, subject to further enquiries about the level of grant required.  The aim of the Day, the first event to be held in the city, is to provide an opportunity for the hundreds of voluntary groups in Truro to raise awareness about the excellent work they are doing and to recruit new volunteers and members.

“Truro is very lucky to have a large number of groups who are supporting the local community and we are very pleased to be able to support these projects “ said Cllr Stuart Roden, Chair of the Grants Sub Committee.


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