Healthy Streets consultation

Published: 17 November 2020

supports it by providing a number of day to day services to help shoppers; including visitor information, public conveniences, hanging baskets to enhance the appearance, CCTV to enhance safety, seating and benches. The City Council is concerned that the City Centre should come out of the current challenges, caused by the covid situation, as strongly as possible. We wish to understand the views of as many people as possible; how they wish the City Centre to operate in the future, whether they are shoppers, represent businesses or involved with transport. 

Please take the time to provide us with your views using the survey form below or complete the survey online using the following link -

Survey document  

Completed surveys can be submitted to the Tourist Information Centre, 30 Boscawen Street Truro or to Truro Community library. Closing date for the survey is Wednesday 9th December 2020.